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Agoliinus piceus (Gyllenhal, 1808)
Syn.: Aphodius (Agrilinus) piceus Gyllenhal, 1808
Family: Scarabaeidae (Aphodiidae, Aphodiinae)
Size: 5.8 mm (5.0 to 6.0 mm)
Distribution: North and Central Europe
Ecology: Boreomontan, especially in the dung of stag
Location: Italy, South Tyrol, Vintschgau, Schoeneben, Reschensee. 1850 m
leg. J.Scheuern 22.VII.1979; det. J.Scheuern, 1980; Coll. J.Schoenfeld
Photo: U.Schmidt, 2018

Agoliinus piceus  (enlarged)

Agoliinus piceus  Flickr)

Agoliinus piceus   (Wikimedia Commons)