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Lethrus apterus (Laxmann, 1770) Male
Family: Geotrupidae
Size: 23.0 mm (15.0 to 24.0 mm)
Distribution: Europe, Russia, Pontic Pannonian
Ecology: Lives in steppe areas, dig deep tunnels in the soil of untilled areas.
At the end of the tunnel the female arranges side chambers in which she lay eggs.
Then the beetle fill the chambers with young leaves, which serve as food for the larvae
Location: Russia, Volgograd, Kamyshensky, Golubaja river valley, 150 m
leg. Alexeer, 15.-19.IV.2000; det. U.Schmidt, 2015
Photo: U.Schmidt, 2016

Lethrus apterus  (Flickr)

Lethrus apterus (Laxmann, 1770) Male  (front view)
Family: Geotrupidae

Lethrus apterus    (Flickr)